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The tales and adventures of the Death's Choice Creed, a 5e D&D party who lived in the troublesome lands of Telduria, a vast continent west of Faerûn.

A 5th Edition D&D Homebrew Campaign Edit

The following wiki describes the world of Telduria and well as its history as seen by Dungeon Master Udolf, and the wonderful stories made by his friends and players, the Death's Choice guild. The world is based on Max's digital handmade map of the continent, with a flick of Faerún's ideals and Forgotten Realms lore.

The purpose of this RPG campaign is to have fun and endeavor fantastic tales amongst our friends. I have found inspiration in various posts, blogs and all sorts of wikis on web. If by any chance there is something you made, please just let us know so we can either delete the content or give you the rightful credits.

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  • Eamonvale
  • Illvandrin
    • Finval
    • Arathene
    • Curael Endir
  • The Grand Kingdom of Kron-Nesis
    • Tarantis
    • Greenwood Forest
  • The Crucible Lands
  • The Fang Lands
  • Kingdom of the Sea Lords
  • Nyrae
    • Lastwall
  • Urland
    • Ironstead
  • Kingdom of Vesh
    • Arylon
  • Ithell
  • The Unknown North
  • Dragonport
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